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Small customer also can be big customer

Hi everyone! Amenda time is coming again. Today I am glad to share you the story between my customer and me.


In the March of last year, I received one inquiry about marine window (quantity only 10pcs). In the beginning, I just feel he is a regular customer, didn’t put him in my heart, just sent email, he didn’t reply my email in the first. About one week later, he replied my email, I added his whatsapp. (This is the first step to breaking the ice). Then we follow the him as the regular customer. Sent quotation, check the details with customer, strive for the order. In the final, customer agreed with us, and confirmed order. Before producing, we sent them the window drawings, after confirming the drawings then start producing.


This order still not finished; this customer’s new project is coming. Sent us his new boat drawings, hope us to support his new boat project. He said this window order just one trial order, just want to know how we are. After these days communication, he felt us Sinooutput is professional team to support him, Just wait when he receive the goods, he will confirm the new order.


Yes, when customer received the windows he was very like. We Sinooutput do long business and long customers, high quality is our bottom line. All marine engines and gearboxes with 3 years quality warranty, stern shaft, propeller, generator, steering system, winch etc., with 1 year quality warranty, ISO standard. It is reasonable for customers to like it, and the speed of returning orders is unbelievable.


When we start approaching a customer, do not judge him based on subjective opinions. There may be surprises waiting for you. Anyway, we should stick to our original intention, try our best to support every customer. No matter he is small customer or big customer, follow our ways and rhythm to support them.


After that trial order, we cooperated with this customer more than 4 orders in one year(total cost was also belong to top line customer). Though we have some different opinions in the communication, the final result is good. Same goal, we should try our best to support him, may our ways are different with customer’s opinion, however, if we are right, and help customer to win more, he will also understand.


What is our target to do the export business? Customer’s target is also our target. We are not only serve our customers, but also help customers to service their customers. We sincerely know how to make a Group culture, how to establish each customer’s business ship, and how to stabilize our market. We sign a sales contract with each customer, quality warranty agreement and full refund agreement to protect our customers’ payment and shipment. 

No matter you are the end user or trader, we keep the same professional with different tailor-made solutions for you. Do you want to be my special customer Proprietary project is waiting for you. Sinooutput one stop marine parts supplier! Whatsapp/Wechat: 0086-18260055956 Email: [email protected]

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