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How to choose a good marine propeller?

We usually receive some customers inquiry, just send us the main engine information, then ask us to help them match the marine propeller, if we ask them more details about the boat, they may say, why other supplier did not ask these, they can send us the quotation from the engine is ok, you are not professional. My dear customer, please do not let some suppliers make you confuse. You may feel that is very easy, and helped you save time, in the fact, that may bring some trouble.

If you replace old propeller, the new propeller it is better to keep the same as old one,same diameter, same weight, same blades, if you want to re-design, it is better to share your supplier with your boat drawings, same as the process with new design the propeller for the boat.

The propeller design is an important part of the whole ship design, and it is an important aspect to ensure the speed of the ship. The general propeller design is carried out after preliminary completion of the ship's linear design, and the effective power of the hull is determined by estimating or using the ship model test method. The ship suffers resistance when sailing on the surface or in the water. In order to keep the ship sailing forward at a certain speed, a certain thrust must be supplied to the ship to overcome the resistance it bears. It is obtained by absorbing the energy emitted by the main engine and converting it into thrust, and this device or mechanism that specializes in absorbing and converting energy or converting energy is collectively referred to as a thruster. There are many types of propellers, such as sails, civilian wheels, straight-blade propellers, water-jet propellers and dragon-blade propellers. The propellers have simple structure, low cost, convenient use and high efficiency.

The propeller is installed below the waterline of the stern, and is rotated by the main engine, which pushes the water to the back of the ship, and uses the reaction force of the water to push the ship forward. The propeller is simple in construction, light in weight, high in efficiency and protected below the waterline.

Normal transport ships have 1 to 2 propellers. For ships with high propulsion power, the number of propellers can be increased. Large, fast passenger boats have two to four oars. The propeller - generally has 3 to 4 blades, the diameter is determined according to the horsepower and draught of the boat, the lower end does not touch the bottom of the water, and the upper end does not exceed the fully loaded waterline. The propeller speed should not be too high, about 100 rpm for ocean cargo ships, and 400 to 500 rpm for small speedboats, but the efficiency will be affected. Propeller material - generally manganese bronze or corrosion-resistant alloy, stainless steel, nickel aluminum bronze or cast iron can also be used.

But we can't ignore the design of the propeller, sometimes you feel that your boat is not fast, part of the reason may be the wrong propeller selection. We must pay attention to the design of the propeller. Please also do not feel just feel the main engine can calculate a good marine propeller. The propeller design need according to full boat design, from boat length, width, draft, waterline, main engine, gearbox ratio, speed...It is better to share your boat drawings with supplier! They will according to your boat information to design.

If you do not have boat drawings, still want to get a suitable propeller, please do not worry, please follow us! Fill in this chart, our engineer can calculate the suitable propeller for you.

Hull part

total length     Loa


Square coefficient  Cb


Design waterline length LwL


Prism coefficient    Cp


Between two columns long         LPP


Sectional coefficient in the midship  Cm


Model width     B



surface coefficient  Cwp


Draft     d


The longitudinal coordinate of hepart floats Xcb




Navigation areas, uses


Require the speed


Stern shaft diameter


Turbine part

Mainframe models, the maximum power and the use of power row


Rotational speed of the host


Gearbox Model, reduction ratio


host group(that is , the gear box ) to the output shaft (boat bow-oriented)


Except for the power of mainframe advance, there are no other deductions (that is, whether with their equipment?) After discounting the effect of the number of kilowatts?


Part of the propeller

The propeller only a few (referring to single - oar, twin or multi - paddle)


The diameter of the propeller is restricted? That is the oar in the stern frame how much space?


propeller blade


Provide stern shaft map, installed by the layout of the propeller, stern shaft seals size map  


Please offer the contact way

Unit Name






Telephone number




Service time for the expectation


Technical standards

What bureau of shipping is technical standard pressed









If you have propeller diameter, weight, No.of blades that will be better, we can send you quotation soon!

Every propeller before producing, we will also send you drawings to check again.

Professional team to support you!

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