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How to make your job more effective--Sinooutput

Hi dears,

Today Ms Alice would like to write a letter to you: 
No matter you are a boss or a purchasing manager, or even a tech. engineer, Your job makes you busy and busy every days seems nearly no weekend no your personal time.

Busy some times means you are in a booming time.
Busy some times means you take all the tasks by yourself.
Busy some times means your members working is not so effective.
Busy some times means you still not find a better time arrangement.

No matter you are in which phase, always busy is not so good for your healthy habit, so now Sinooutput here comes to you. 
Here such a long words maybe some disturb you, please pardon.

Please do not worry, we just more care about your job more efficiency and time-saving, help you select the parts made in China and help your each inquiry can be offered exactly and choose the correct parts.

For example: when you receive one inquiry, you first action maybe to google this parts, if not sure where is he supplier, maybe you will do just a public RFQ.

So we here, Sinooutput all members would like help you to make a word format for your quick looking and searching: which parts is made in China and which parts is Sinooutput good at, haha, and for some other brand, you could check with us, we could tell you the original brand country, and even you need we send you the company name and website we all would like to help you to do that. 
The word format will come to you as soon as possible(if you need that, please just reply us”YES” we will follow you next email), even some items we will write them clear, you could just copy and email your buyer/your project/your owner is OK, to save you more thinking time.

So when you receive any inquiry just open our Word and search the keywords to find he corresponding content is OK, especially for the urgent items. 
Yes you will be well done, because we know you are worthy better, and worthy we do more for you.

We Sinooutput all members just focus on the better help customers:
to help customers to find the correct parts,
To help customers to save time and energy,
To help customers to make the correct choice.
That is all. Once cooperate with Sinooutput, you would like follow us.
Trust your choice one time, trust Sinooutput all the time

Please do not take this message as a rubbish, we just take you as our VIP, because you know, who say more to you, who will take you on the top of her/his heart just like our teachers and parents, and here we are partners, why not? 

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