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Original or Copy Weichai marine engine, do you know how to distinguish?

Hi, everyone! Today we would like to share you some experience about how to distinguish original and copy Weichai marine engine.

In the recent, we received some customers feedback, they said they were deceived, and purchased the copy Weichai marine engine, the quality was very bad. In the beginning, they purchased from the supplier, the supplier told them they offered customer was Weichai marine engine, the price also very cheap, cheaper than the original Weichai marine engine. Some customers felt the engine price was very economical, then purchased from them. The result was to pick the sesame and lose the watermelon, loss more. Purchased bad quality engine with a little cheap price than original Weichai marine engine. That engine service time only have 3 months.

Many customers also confused, the supplier also sent Weichai marine engine photos, how to distinguish it, to prevent fraud again.

Today, we send you Weichai WP12  marine engine as example, hope it can help you distinguish original and copy Weichai marine engine.

This is one Weichai WP12 marine engine Mechanical pump typepicture from WeiFang or Shijiazhuang supplier(our customer shared us)

This is our original new Weichai WP12 marine engineMechanical pump typepicture, the monitor did not install, on the package. Just from these 2 photos, you may can see some differences now. 

Here we do some remark, you can check carefully.

Copy engine nameplate go missing, do not have clear logo label for filters, warning sticker go missing, injection pump assembly is different, solenoid, alternator, free end, starter, inter-cooler, remote control monitor and fuel feeding inlet are different. Un-painting pipes, air-filter, support bases, water pipe missing. Paint colors are also different.

After all these comparisons, you may also know, why original new Weichai marine engine price is higher than copy one. Copy Weichai marine engine price is lower, that is true. However, accept its price, should also accept its quality. If you like its low price, should also like its low quality. You get what you pay for. There is a Chinese saying: Good goods are not cheap, and cheap goods are not all good. Sometimes don't let a temporary discount affect your ability to distinguish high and low.


These just for your reference.

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