Company Profile
Company Profile
Sinooutput —Your shipbuilding one stop spare parts supplier and consultant.
We are one of the support of 2010 WorldExpo. Supporters for the green power, also we are authorized by Shanghai marine field bureau for special supplier for the military boat yacht etc. We are mainly focus on the marinefield.
Sinooutput mainly supply complete marine parts such as: marine engines, marine gearboxes, stern shaft, propeller, steering system, marine generator, sewage treatment plant, oil water separator, marine sand pumps, chain, anchor, windlass, winch, crane, window, door, hatchcover, manhole, GPS etc.
We had serviced more than 398 shipyard oversea, the ship types includes cargo ship, container ship, bulk carrier, fishing boat, oil tanker, LCT, Ro-ro and sand suction ships, tug boat, ice-breaker, militray boats and all kinds of speed yachts.
Our Main Products
Marine Engine
Marine Engine
Marine Gearbox
Marine Gearbox
Marine Propeller
Marine Propeller
Marine Generator set
Marine Generator set
Technical Support
More than 25 years marine field experience guidance. Six engineers support for tech and operation. Oversea support is available.
Online Customer Service
24*7h hot line service for tech consultation, for urgent parts inquiry, and all the emails will be replied within 2 hours.
After-sale Warranty
Three years quality warranty for marine engines/gearboxes. Other marine equipments warranty period is one year. Sinooutput will protect your each business.
Complete Variety
Marine parts supports not limited as: marine engines, marine gearboxes, stern shaft with propeller, steering system, hydraulic winch, windlass, pumps, windows and door, steel plates etc.
Professional Certificates
We firmly adheres to the concept of compliance, ensuring every product is reliable and safe to use.
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Frequently Asked Questions
1.How many products Sinooutput can do?
Sinooutput is your complete marine parts supplier for marine engines, marine gearboxes, marine shafts and propellers, marine generators, crane, winches, windlass, chain and anchors, windows and doors, hatch-covers and manholes, valves, marine pumps, marine lights, electrical parts--GPS, SOUNDER, RADAR, VHF etc., air bag and nets etc. Above equipments and parts we all supply with you at least 1-3 years quality warranty.
We have been in this field with full complete sources and competitive price.
2.What I will get cooperate with Sinooutput?
To cooperate with us you will get:
1.Comparably will save more than 32.8% communication cost. Because we each members have trained more than 3 months at shipyard before to be salesman.
2.Will save your cost 12-32% from parts cost and shipping method.
3.Saving your installation further test time. Each relevant part will be connected to test at least 3 times before dispatch and then dismount to package.
4.Insurance guaranty. Your each container will supply free insurance item.
5.Safety business. Full refund supports you for quality problem and delay delivery.
6.A free store in China. All your purchased other cargos in China, we could do free assistance for your container shipping.
3.Why so many buyers choose work with Sinooutput?
Competitive price based on the stable quality.
Quick delivery time at quickest can be within 7-10 days.
Eight members expert service team at your service.
More than 22 shipping lines support your transportation.
Many needed certificates to support you to explore your market.
In time after sale service. 24h online special hot line.
One year free consultation for boat building items.
4.How is the quality warranty from Sinooutput?
We are in marine engine field since 1958, Sinotruk and Weichai marine engine, Advance gearbox are the top brand in the China.
Guarantee of the engines, gearboxes, supplied by our company with three years quality warranty, 10000 hours to buyer, whichever comes first. warranty covers all the problems not caused by human beings.we could sign the quality guarantee agreement with each customer. During the warranty time if some problems occur:A, For small parts: buyer takes pictures email seller for check and inspect, according to the actual to discuss and compensate. B, For bigger parts: firstly need the buyer take the engine nameplate picture email seller to confirm.All the questions, the seller will feedback within 2-5 hours. 
A: In case of quality discrepancy, claim should be presented by the buyer within 15 days upon gods arrival at destination port, while for quantities problem, buy must apply for it within 10 days upon goods arrival at destination port. The Seller should give a reply together with suggestions of settlement within 20 days upon receipt of the discrepancy. Any compensation to seller must be enclosed within its evidences or survey report of Recognized Public Surveyors agreed to by the Sellers. Re the other claims, if they belong to the responsibilities of Shipping Carriers or Insurance Co.&Transportation Co., or others, seller doesn't offer any compensation.B: Any question about the discrepancy of color and/or size,& etc. should be claimed before construction. The sellers will not take any responsibility once the products were put into construction.
5.Is Sinooutput all marine equipments price are all competitive?
If we say: you will get the most economic quotation from us, you may not understand, please kindly read the followings:
  1. For example--The propulsion system/marine engines and gearboxes:
--$ The propulsion system/marine engines and gearboxes, since the agent whole-selling price must lower than headquarter retail price.
--$ China government encourage we export, there is 13% tax refund will come to us, then we will save some export operation fees, so the whole-selling price will be more lower.
  1. For example--The stern shaft, propeller, water pump, fuel pump, fire-pump, oily water separator/bilge pump, sea water to fresh water treatment, sewage treatment) and generators, rudder bar/blades, windows, door, hatch-cover, manhole, anchor, chain, windlass, winch etc.
--$ We know China raw materials good quality sources with history more than 60 years marine field. Carbon Steel, SS304#, SS316, SS316L, bronze CU1, CU2,CU3, CU4, aluminum, glasses, welding rods, paintings etc. We collect all of them to control and large stock for the raw materials every year to save raw materials cost.
--$ We factory set in the area of lower labor fees from the science park, to save the workers salary and quality well controlled.
--$ We every month/year large export could invite the inspectors and CCS teachers come few times for bulk tests to save the quality control and inspection fees.
--$ By the full experience with market we know what will be the best selling, we will produce some marine products in advance in bulk to catch the best selling seasons, that also will save some electrical power and production equipments maintenance fees.
  1. For example--the marine lights and navigation communication electrical parts.
--$ We also do large stock for these parts to save some local transportation fees to support your order.
--$ Help you to dispatch these parts by inserting into your marine equipments cases will save your cargos size and to save your sea freight.
--$ We Sinooutput get the parts will help you to set English or your mother language.
6.How does Sinooutput control each products quality?
A, Sinooutput now have the certificates are: CCS, CE, ROHS, INTERTEK, EPR, ZC, ZY, ISO, for customers requirements some products we could supply SOLAS, RS, BV, GL, ABS, RINA certificate etc.
B, Sinooutput always put quality as the survival foundation, we could loss you one time because of others, but never loss you because of quality and service.
C, Sinooutput will issue the drawings within 3 days or sign the tech. Agreements within 3 days once your order confirmed, and each delivery cargos must strictly as the tech. Agreements and the drawings.
D, Especially the propeller design is not an easy job, that more care about to reduce the water resistance, we have CCS consultants to check each design and drawings according to your boats.
E, The marine equipments produce at least by the standard of CCS and particulars of ships, the quality system has been assessed with respect to the procedure of conformity assessment described in Annes II, Modle D in the directive 2014/90Eu and regulation (EU) 2021/1158.
F, Quality control will be carried out from our raw materials purchasing department to the after sale service department, every process will update you by every Friday Chart.
G, The reasonable quality suggestion will be issued for each buyer each item, even that is just a rubber block or just some bolts.
7.What is Sinooutput Delivery time?
The exact delivery time different items different dispatch time, normally it as:
--For the marine engines and generator sets:
less than 500hp, delivery time within 30-35 days.
Power 500-1000hp delivery time within 55-60 days.
Power more than 1000hp delivery time within 3-6 months.
--For the propeller and stern shaft with tubes:
The delivery time normally within 40-45 days.
--For the steering systems:
Manpower hydraulic steering system normally about 10-15 days for the delivery time.
Electrical hydraulic steering system normally need at least one month about.
--For the marine windows, doors, valves, pumps, hatchcover, oily water separator, sewage treatment plant, sea water desalination, manhole, bollards, bow chock, top caps, air fans and other hardware parts.
--For the deck machine such as cranes, winches and anchor windlass, anchor and steel wires and ropes:
The delivery time will be normally 2 months about, but some size for the steel wires and ropes we have large stock.
--For the marine lights, chairs, gauges, navigation communication parts and some quick wear parts:
We nearly all have in stock, delivery time within 7-10 days.
If you want We Sinooutput combine all the complete marine parts for your ships, please give us enough time, normally at least 2 months, because we at least need 3 days for further matched test, and if you want with the marine class certificate, the delivery time will be a little longer than above mentioned. thank you.