• Ship propeller marine boat shaft tube 3 blades 4 blades 5 blades
  • Ship propeller marine boat shaft tube 3 blades 4 blades 5 blades
  • Ship propeller marine boat shaft tube 3 blades 4 blades 5 blades

Ship propeller marine boat shaft tube 3 blades 4 blades 5 blades

No.marine propeller 009
Certification: ISO9001:2000 Blades: 3,4,5 Diameter (mm): 800-8000mm material: CU1 CU3 CU4 Class Certificate: CCS BV DNV Name: marine propeller Type: casting diameter: 800-8000mm pitch: 200-3000mm blade: 2-5 blade engine power: 120-12000hp
  • Ship propeller marine boat shaft tube 3 blades 4 blades 5 blades
  • Ship propeller marine boat shaft tube 3 blades 4 blades 5 blades
  • Ship propeller marine boat shaft tube 3 blades 4 blades 5 blades
Product Description

Ship propeller marine boat shaft tube 3 blades 4 blades 5 blades


Propeller can be LH/RH pairs or only LH propeller, or only RH propeller.The materials can be CU1, CU3, bronze materials.The propeller can be 2 blades, 3 blades, 4 blades, 5 blades and 6 baldes etc.


The propeller diameter can be 22" diameter,24"diameter, 26"diameter, 28"diameter, 30"diameter, 32"diameter, 34"diameter, 36"diameter, 38"diameter, 40"diameter, 42"diameter, 44"diameter,46"diameter, 48"diameter,50"diameter, 80"diameter,90"diameter,100"diameter, 120"diameter,140"diameter,160"diameter,180"diameter,200"diameter, 300"diameter, 400"diameter, 500"diameter, 600"diameter,800" diameter etc.for recreational, commercial, and military vessels.

Please do not worry in the following cases:

1, If you have no the propeller datas, please kindly let me know your boat drawings;

2, if no boat drawings, please let me know the engine, gearbox parameters and stern shaft diameter.

3, If you have no above two information, please, We would like package you the marine engine and gearbox, stern shaft with tube and propeller. We gain market by competitive price and high quality, each propeller manufacture as the ISO9001 standard, we also have the CCS, ZC, ZY, ABS, GL, KR, CE certificate to guarantee your quality.

We have the tech. And design department for your propeller and stern shaft, after the order confirmed, we will sign the tech. Agreement to confirm each details, diameter, pitch, key size, weight etc.

Propellers will be many different sizes -- different diameter, pitch, and bore

Detailed Images

All kinds of size  propellers are all available.Customers could choose the design catalog for choice.
The propeller surface is really beautiful, which comes from our workers hands, we do each aspect to make sure the final products is a favorable design.

If we only help you to manufacture the propeller without the stern shaft datas, the hub we will do the common type, when you receive the propeller, you could by your sides to do the keys as your shaft datas.

This only for the customers old propeller replacing without shaft drawings.
No matter what kind of situation, we could do what you want.


In order to make sure you could better install the propeller, we do suggest you to do the stern shaft and propeller together from us.
That is really help you save more time and energy, we will do the design for propeller and stern shaft at same time according to your boat information.
The stern shaft materials can be carbon steel, 304 stainless steel, 316 steel etc.


This propeller hub with key size and bolts, because we have the full exact information for shaft and propeller.
Regarding the propeller tolerance, we must control it in a reasonable range, we will confirm with customers engineers for each progress, as an honest supplier, we only do long business and do long market and long customers, we cherish each cooperation.


The propeller diameter, pitch, weight, manufacture date, production series NO. Are all print on the propeller blades, if you want we do your logo or your company name information, that is of course available.

We do as customer requirements, because this can be customerized propeller.


To manufacture needs the progress to drill a hole for the hub, it should be made by the machine, the precision should be exactly as per the drawings, we usually correct as 0.1mm.

Then to test the propeller balance, we firstly to do it by two blades, if some blades higher or lower, it will influence the test result, this will be revised.



The propeller package usually we do like this, firstly we will protect by some ribbons to the each blade out side, then into the wooden cases separately to ship.

And some of the propellers, if the propeller is smaller size, we usually by two or more propeller fixed together, up and down position, the into a steel frame to protect the propellers. No one could change or move it.

We just package as customers requirements


Marine stern shaft too short? The boat drawings will be something wrong, this reasons can be:

1, the boat drawings revise not correctly;

2, the limited space for the boat rear space;

3, the shaft not as standard datas.

Please do not worry, we have the 25 year engineers could help you to solve it. 





The propeller outlooking can be as your designed, or we have the CAD catalog for your reference.

The propeller itself is customize products, we will as customers requirements to manufacture.

The delivery time usually within 30-35 days, if you are urgent, we would like help you to ahead.

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